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Dedicated and Trustworthy

Our Focus is You

That is why we are committed to taking on fewer cases in order to focus our attention on our client’s individual needs. Our experienced trucking accident attorneys and unmatched network of resources have proven results. Our commitment is and always will be to serve our community and ensure that each of our clients receives the best representation.

We have years of experience and specialized knowledge that uniquely allows us to overcome the array of challenges involved with trucking accident cases. Our detail-oriented staff and attorneys carefully investigate every aspect of your case and navigate you through the often frustrating and confusing world of insurance and litigation. We are dedicated to providing each client with the compassion and bold advocacy necessary to succeed against the resources of the trucking and insurance industry. We are here for you and your family every step of the way.

Founding Partner at The Penn Law Firm

Our Mission

Passionately pursue justice for each of our clients and hold the trucking industry accountable for their actions.

Our Vision

To effect positive changes in the safety standards of the commercial trucking industry and provide safer highways for all of us to travel. 

Our Record

We have a successful record of trying cases against some of the biggest trucking companies in the nation.

Safer Roads for Everyone

We Care About What We Do

Our economy is such that our roads and highways are packed with commercial motor vehicles. And unfortunately, crashes happen. Injuries that people suffer as a result of a crash with a commercial vehicle are generally quite severe, if not fatal – which can leave a family emotionally devastated and financially distraught.

We want our roads to be safe for everyone. That is why we have dedicated our practice to this niche area of personal injury law. We work relentlessly to ensure the commercial trucking industry follows the rules and regulations in place and that they are held accountable when they have failed to do their part in keeping our highways safe.

We are experienced, detail-oriented attorneys who pride ourselves on achieving the best possible results for every client. If you want a team who will go the extra mile to ensure you receive the guidance and justice you deserve, we are here for you.

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When the victims of a crash need to go up against commercial vehicle companies with unlimited resources, The Penn Law Firm is the one to call. We care about what we do and boldly fight back against the big corporations to get our clients justice.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

We are the law firm dedicated to personalized representation for our clients. Every aspect of a trucking accident case is worked over to understand our clients and their story. We put all our expertise and resources into each case to get our client’s results they deserve. 

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