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Meet the Penn Law Team

We have a sincere passion for the furtherance of justice and dedicate ourselves and resources to serving our clients.

We know that each person involved in a motor vehicle crash has a unique story and understanding that story demands the highest level of empathy.  At The Penn Law Firm, we are committed to taking on fewer cases so we can dedicate the time and attention that each case deserves.


Attorneys at The Penn Law Firm

Our team of experienced trucking trial lawyers are dedicated to giving our clients individualized attention. We are committed to understanding your story and getting you the results you need.  Meet our experienced trucking accident lawyers and personal injury team.

Eric Penn

Eric T. Penn


Eric has vast knowledge and experience in trying cases against the trucking industry and is sought after as an expert trucking accident speaker and consultant on many high-profile cases all over the country.


Kelley Denney Peacock

Of Counsel

Kelley’s vast experience serving the State of Texas has allowed her to represent some of the most vulnerable in the community and takes pride in representing the injured through every stage of a case.


Byron A. Haney


Byron is dedicated to pursuing his passion for justice and fighting for those individuals and families who have suffered personal injuries.


Staff at The Penn Law Firm

Our valued and highly trained staff at The Penn Law Firm is dedicated to supporting our attorneys through each and every step of your case. 

Ofelia Penn

Ofelia Penn

Paralegal, Office Manager
Why do Clients Choose Penn Law?

Our Results Speak For Themselves

We are the law firm dedicated to personalized representation for our clients. Every aspect of a trucking accident case is worked over to understand our clients and their story. We put all our expertise and resources into each case to get our client’s results they deserve. 

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If you or someone you love has been involved in a trucking or other motor vehicle accident, we can help.

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